Rosagold is an attractive, red-skinned table potato with excellent skin finish and good resistance to common scab and virus. This high-yielding, yellow-fleshed variety produces plenty of round-oval tubers of uniform shape and is well-suited for use as either a table variety or home-cut fries.


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Pre-Pack, Creamer, Organic


Title Details
Maturity Medium Early
Average Yield High
Crossing Laura x Miriam


Title Details
Tuber Shape Round
Uniform of Shape Uniform
Eye Depth Shallow
Skin Color Red
Flesh Color Yellow
Dry matter percent 20.2


Title Details
Dormancy Long
Tuber Number Very High Setting
Resistance to Damage Good Resistance
Resistance to Bruising Moderate Resistance
Flower Colour Light Purple

Disease Resistance

Title Details
Late Blight (Foliage blight) Moderate Resistance
Common Scab Moderate Resistance
Virus PVY Good Resistance
Tuber Blight Moderate Resistance
PCN - Ro1 & Ro4 Resistant
PCN - Pallida Susceptible
Blackleg Moderate Resistance
Virus Yntn Very Good Resistance
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  • Storage Recommendation

    Rosagold has good dormancy characteristics which makes this variety suitable for long term storage at a temperature of 5ºC.

  • Cultivation Recommendation

    Sorry, we haven't any Cultivation Recommendations here, we're always looking to help. Get in touch to get more details.

  • Resistance

    Rosagold is relatively susceptible to late blight and tuber blight. Resistance to common scab, virus Yntn and virus Yn is good. Rosagold is resistant to PCN Ro1 and Ro4.