Libero is a early maturing variety well suited for the fresh market with good frying capabilities. Tubers are long-oval with a uniform russet skin and light yellow flesh color. Baked, roasted, boiled, mashed, or as fresh cut fries the Libero can do it all.


Market Outlets

Fresh Market/Processing


Title Details
Maturity Medium Early
Crossing AR 98-0813 x Innovator


Title Details
Tuber Shape Long Oval
Eye Depth Shallow
Skin Color Russet
Flesh Color Light Yellow
Dry matter percent 22


Title Details
Dormancy Long
Tuber Number Average
Resistance to Damage Somewhat Susceptible
Resistance to Bruising Good
Flower Colour Purple

Disease Resistance

Title Details
Late Blight (Foliage blight) Somewhat Susceptible
Common Scab Quite Resistant
Virus PVY Good Resistance
Tuber Blight Slightly Susceptible
Virus Yntn Good Resistance
Fusarium (Dry Rot) Good Resistance
Powdery Scab Very Resistant
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  • Storage Recommendation

  • Cultivation Recommendation

    Wait at least 3 weeks after haulm killing before harvesting to minimize harvest damage.

  • Resistance

    Resistance knowledge is always useful - so we'll endeavour our efforts towards providing you with the important information.