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Excellency is a fresh market variety with processing capabilities. It has yellow skin and light yellow flesh. Tubers are long oval, rather big and have very shallow eyes. Tuber numbers are moderate.

Excellency has a moderate dry matter content with a floury texture. It has good frying quality, as well as cooking and chipping qualities. Excellency grows on most soils and is of interest to the processing market and packers as it has a clean skin finish.


Market Outlets

Processing, Fresh Market


Title Details
Maturity Early
Average Yield Very Good
Crossing Lady Olympia x Red One


Title Details
Tuber Shape Oval Long
Uniform of Shape Uniform
Eye Depth Shallow
Skin Color Yellow
Flesh Color Pale Yellow
Dry matter percent 21.2


Title Details
Dormancy Medium
Tuber Number Higher Setting
Resistance to Damage Susceptible
Secondary Growth Not Susceptible
Flower Colour White

Disease Resistance

Title Details
Late Blight (Foliage blight) Some Susceptibility
Common Scab Moderate Resistance
Virus PVY Good Resistance
Tuber Blight Some Susceptibility
PCN - Ro1 & Ro4 Resistant
Blackleg Some Susceptibility
Virus Yntn Very Good Resistance
Silver Scurf Very Good Resistance
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  • Storage Recommendation

    Excellency has a long dormancy period. Able to store up to 10 months under good conditions

  • Cultivation Recommendation

    It is recommended to warm seed prior to planting. DO NOT use Sencor as Excellency is very sensitive to it. Standard Nitrogen application is recommended.

  • Resistance

    Excellency is moderately susceptible to blackleg. Resistance to virus Yn and virus Yntn is good.