The Dakota Pearl has a smooth, white skin and a white flesh. It has medium-sized round tubers with shallow eyes. Although originally intended for potato chip processing because it has excellent chipping qualities, the Dakota Pearl has also become a very popular fresh variety in the “round white” market.

It is an early maturing variety which produces a high number of tubers. It has a high dry matter content and its cooking type is floury. (The Dakota Pearl was developed at North Dakota State University, not by Agrico or its breeders.)

Daktoa Pearl

Market Outlets

Fresh Market, Chipping


Title Details
Maturity Medium
Average Yield Good


Title Details
Tuber Shape Round
Uniform of Shape Uniform
Eye Depth Shallow
Skin Color White
Flesh Color White
Dry matter text High


Title Details
Dormancy Medium
Tuber Number Average
Resistance to Damage Good Resistance
Resistance to Bruising Good Resistance
Secondary Growth Not Susceptible
Flower Colour White

Disease Resistance

Title Details
Common Scab Good Resistance
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  • Resistance

    Very good resistance to blackspot bruising.