The Corsica is a high yielding, high setting chipping variety. It has shallow eyes, uniform shape, with a light yellow flesh color. Corsica has very good crisping quality after long term storage.



Title Details
Market Outlets Chipping
Maturity Early Maincrop
Crossing Lady Claire x ARG 96-0865


Title Details
Tuber Shape Round
Uniform of Shape Very Uniform
Eye Depth Shallow
Skin Color Yellow
Flesh Color Pale Yellow
Dry matter percent 23.7


Title Details
Dormancy Long
Tuber Number 10-14
Resistance to Damage Slightly Sensitive
Resistance to Bruising Somewhat resistant
Flower Colour White

Disease Resistance

Title Details
Common Scab Quite Resistant
Virus PVY Slightly Susceptible
Fusarium (Dry Rot) Resistant
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  • Storage Recommendation

    Corsica is suitable for long term storage. Use of sprout inhibitors is no problem

  • Cultivation Recommendation

    Good skin set is recommended. Slightly sensitive to harvest damage

  • Resistance

    Use of metribuzin (sencor) is not an issue