Constance is a yellow-skinned, pale yellow fleshed table potato, suitable for general use. With early development after planting, this is a good early maincrop variety, with oval round tubers of regular shape and shallow eyes.

It produces good-sized tubers that are resistant to secondary growth, black spot and growth cracks. This variety is well suited on most soil types. With a medium dry matter of 20.2%, it eats well and retains its colour after peeling. It has a buttery taste and smooth texture making it ideal for mashing, boiling or baking


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Title Details
Maturity Early
Average Yield Very Good
Crossing Marabel x AR93-1243


Title Details
Tuber Shape Oval Round
Uniform of Shape Uniform
Eye Depth Shallow
Skin Color Yellow
Flesh Color Pale Yellow
Dry matter percent 20.2


Title Details
Dormancy Long
Tuber Number Moderate
Resistance to Damage Moderate
Resistance to Bruising Moderate
Secondary Growth Not Susceptible
Flower Colour White

Disease Resistance

Title Details
Common Scab Very Good Resistance
Virus PVY Very Good Resistance
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  • Cultivation Recommendation

    Regular nitrogen is acceptable; use higher amounts of phosphorus than normal. Vine killing - For best results , use 1/2 rate. Plants should be senescing. For best results for skin set/ skin finish, harvest 3 weeks after vine kill.

  • Resistance

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