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Title Details
Maturity Medium Early
Average Yield High


Title Details
Tuber Shape Oval
Uniform of Shape Uniform
Eye Depth Shallow
Skin Color Yellow
Flesh Color Yellow
Dry matter text Moderate


Title Details
Dormancy Long
Tuber Number 12-15
Resistance to Damage Good
Resistance to Bruising Good
Secondary Growth Rare

Disease Resistance

Title Details
Late Blight (Foliage blight) Average Resistance
Common Scab Good Resistance
Tuber Blight Good Resistance
Virus Yntn Good Resistance
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  • Storage Recommendation

    Very good storability, up to 7-8 months. Import to check underwater weight. Minimum of 320 to maximize storage length

  • Cultivation Recommendation

    Fertilize at medium levels. Slower emerging variety, therefore plant into warm soil and protect against rhizoctonia. Tubers bulk quickly at end of growing peroid. Check frequently to ensure desired size profile. Unsure good skin set before digging.

  • Resistance